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According to the statistics of retailers and wholesalers of condoms in Hai Phong, due to the recent epidemic of covid disease, the demand for this contraceptive product suddenly increased due to the social isolation order. At home for a long time, the purchase of the master product is made online and ordered by the ship to the door. So which is the most favorite condom during this time, let’s find out with the shop.

Hai Phong’s customers demand for condoms is very diverse

There are many different types of condoms and so are the needs of customers who like super-spiked condoms to increase pleasure, those who like big condoms to cry out in joy, people who like condoms. super thin for liking soothing simplicity, the most honest and easy to use feelings, the one who prefers the smell of fruity to increase inspiration when in love, the other likes the mint flavor because of its coolness and relatable feel Naturally long, the person likes small size condoms because his boy is a bit modest so he needs to be tight … And there are many different types of condoms, so which ones are the most popular condoms in 2020?

Sagami Xtreme Super Thin condom super thin

The famous Japanese condom line is not its best product, not the thinnest, not the best heat transfer, not the most lubricating gel but this is the most popular condom line because it sums up the high-end features of this brand fairly well and the customer appreciates quite well the feeling it brings. Incredibly thin: Sagami Xtreme Super Thin is among the thinnest condoms in the world with a size of 0.03mm, equivalent to only half that of conventional products. The two of you completely regained the raw moments without barriers, not entangled and seem to forget that you are using a raincoat. Through that fragile layer, the warmth spreads easily, feels the gentle gentle spasms when falling in love, a feeling of lightheaded happiness.

condoms in Hai Phong

Sagami Are Are Condoms Ribbed love flavor increases

If you are looking for a condom that is both thin and thin to increase the boy’s sensation during sex, there are also tiny lithium spikes to increase the taste of the love to wake up the senses of the girlfriend, not too big to create pleasure. Intense yet gentle affection just sprinkle a little more salt on the dish. Then Sagami Are Are is the ideal choice for you. – Not only is the ultra-thin design feels warm to the touch of the skin, the body is surrounded by veins and floating spikes that bring extremely exciting electrical impulses to women. The product is elastic and tight, with anti-slip belts, many lubricating gels, sure to satisfy the most demanding customers.

condoms is very diverse

Power condom longer men plus white seahorse lines increase the best physiology

In fact, when importing products to the shop, they checked and experienced and then sold them to customers and the Power men longer plus condom line of Korea was the most stable condom line that lasted for a good time, not too numb. innova malaysia, not too thick like volcano and not too dry like maxman, not too expensive like durex it is a combination of rich, long lasting lubricant, 0.04mm thin and spiny ribbed spines like pellets pearl on the body of the fruit deserves the title of the best selling condom line in Hai Phong today with the familiar name: “White seahorse”

Power enamel condom 468 pearl stretching super stimulating korean

Power men 468 pearl condoms are a line of condoms aimed at increasing pleasure for both men and women to make the fun more sublime with 468 pearls floating along the body combined with ribbed stripes to increase friction between the boy. and vagina g will become weak in front of this tank and girlfriend will moan with joy. Moreover, the product is also equipped with a special weapon of 9% benzocaine which prolongs the best time of sex right now, does not cause gentle softness to help you extend the time to have more pleasure. the boy is at full capacity.

Luxury Volcano 7in1 Condom

The new Volcano Luxury condom 7in1 condom is the latest make-up version of the old Volcano condom line that has been loved by many shop customers.This is a high quality condom made in Malaysia with German standards ensure safety for users without puncture when used.
2020 is the year marking 10 years of development of Volcano in Vietnam, so the company has tried to research and create a new version of the molting prince for its product line. Understanding the tastes of the Vietnamese we as many functions as possible the company has integrated all kinds of weapons for this new product.

Premium thin condom olo 0.01

The product is manufactured by technology of famous British condom company in the world. The product is not only thin but also contains excellent moisturizing lubricating gel compound for women
Olo Feeling Ultrathin condom products with a thinness of 0.01, this is the maximum thinness for current condoms. Products with ultra-thin features super heat transfer gives you the feeling of using but not using
– The product is thin but absolutely safe through experiments proving extremely durable 0.01 olo condoms to ensure you have a comfortable relationship without having to worry about puncturing or tearing the condom.

Premium condom OLO 0.01 Prenium 5in1

Hp Hai Phong Condom would like to introduce to you the product of high quality ultra-thin, ribbed, slip-resistant condoms with Benzocain OLO Prenium 5in1 extension. This is a class of condoms that are hard to match with condoms that are as thin as hair and have advanced features. All of you who have used this OLO line have responded well that you feel like not using it, many of you say it’s too thin to be happy so you can’t stop having sex early. This OLO prenium line overcomes premature ejaculation and enhances the feeling of a G-spot massage.

Oleo Lampo 4in1 Korea Condom new version look

Lampo 4in1 oleo condoms are popular products in the Korean market in particular and the international market in general. The product is distributed by the shop in Hai Phong and has been well received and appreciated by many customers. The product is produced by famous manufacturer of condoms Medevice 3s, the company is very active in listening to customer feedback, so the new Oleo Lampo 4in1 Korea new look product line has been launched with more lasting substances, The bag is much stronger than the lubricant and especially the company has added new weapons to the product, which is the cool, minty essence.

Korean condom Ausung Prenium Fruity

4 scent of Strawberry, Banana, Melon, Chocolate, crazy to help the love more fully.
Each flavor we will experience different types of bag design:
– Banana flavor: Bao classic style design helps your boyfriend most comfortable
– Strawberry: Gai floating on the body, increasing pleasure during sex
– Sweet chocolate flavor with tight curves embracing spices for love
– The sweet and juicy melon embraces against slipping for a long love
This is a condom product for couples who want to enjoy many different flavors, in harmony with nature desire to experience sexual feelings with the most genuine feeling.

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