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– Physiological weakness is an obsession for many men in their full age, making them at risk of marriage breakup, infertility and infertility. So what is physiological weakness? What causes the disease and what are the signs of it? How to cure effectively?

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– Modern life with many worries, not everyone is satisfactory in it. Surely many people have this problem.
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Sentrip lozenges are recommended by Korean doctors to support erectile dysfunction. Has the effect of strengthening the “little boy”. Taking 3 seconds under the tongue for 30 to 60 minutes before the “battle” will help you “fight endlessly to the last drop”. Burning with enthusiasm, burning passion, nothing prevents you and her from being together persistently. The effect lasts extremely long, only effective when “in battle”.

* Highlights:
Let’s take a look at the solution for you, just holding a stamp is a lasting thing. Make her unforgettable from the first time, creating a premise for happiness later.

– Sentrip Tem is a product made in Korea, which is effective in treating physiological weakness such as premature ejaculation, weak sperm, erectile dysfunction in men, helping to prolong the time for having sex with doctors. Korean doctor recommended. Sentrip Korea is not a drug, but is produced in the form of stamps and is placed under the tongue. In 1 box will include 10 stamps.

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Sentrip, the main ingredient, Tadalafil (TDLP), is used to treat sexual dysfunction in men (impotence). In combination with aphrodisiac, TDLP works by increasing blood flow to the penis to help men reach and maintain an erection state.

– Tadalafil rapidly absorbed with high plasma concentration. 94% of TDLP, when bound to the body, binds to the proteins in the blood so does not affect kidney function.

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+ SENTRIP products are very different:
– Sentrip lozenges are prepared from TDLP with the mechanism of action that helps an erection naturally as a common reflex during sex. Does not cause sudden arousal that causes the body to be tired, heart palpitations as usual products. TDLP penetrates into the body when sexual effects will start to work.
– The active ingredients help increase blood flow to the penis in the natural flow.
– Maintain an erection until the end of the sensory effects on sex.
– Especially Sentrip helps you maintain a natural state of operation for “little boys”
– Even if you no longer use the product, you can still maintain normal sexual activity.

Help support the effective treatment of diseases of male physiological function (impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation …)

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Unlike oral drugs that must be taken with water and when hunger is effective, Sentrip penetrates directly through the oral mucosa and dissolves immediately after 3 seconds, taking effect immediately after 30 minutes.


Sentrip is made in the form of a lozenge so it is easy to carry around, dissolving in the mouth. No need to use water!

* Does Sentrip erectile medicine cause side effects?
– Sentrip is not an oral medication, but is prepared in the form of stamps. The stamp is placed under the roof of the tongue, which then dissolves and seeps into the large veins and small blood vessels, and goes directly into the circulatory system without causing harm because there is no gastric juice or enzyme in the digestive tract. Destruction, the liver, kidneys are not metabolized like conventional medicine.

* Basic information:

– Ingredients: Tadalafil 20mg
– Indication: Treatment of erectile dysfunction
– Storage: Store in a tightly closed container at room temperature below 30 degrees Celsius
– Fossil form: Sentrip Orodispersible film 20mg: a yellow rectangle dissolving orally
– Main effects: Treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation
– Packaging: In box of 10 stamps
– Made in Korea
– Manufactured by: CLPharm Co., Ltd

* Subjects should not use Sentrip stamps

– The product is only for men, so it will not work for women.
– Patients with severe diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmia, high blood pressure (> 170 / 100mmHg) and low blood pressure (90 / 50mmHg).
– Minors under 18 years of age.

* Note when using Sentrip stamp correct dosage and appropriate

– Adults: use 1 stamp for 1 use, maximum of 1 stamp / day (about 20mg)
– Users place Sentrip stamps under the arch of the tongue and to dissolve gradually, do not drink water after using the product.
– Use stamps at least 30 minutes before sex.
– The effect can last 36 hours after use and only work when there are sexual stimuli. Results vary by location.

* The product is not a medicine, has no effect replacing medicine

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